Small business supplies that I love

When I first started selling stationery and art online, it took me years to find things that finally worked for me and my business. I'm still continuing to learn and discover how to improve my work flow but here are all the products that I have used and have helped me in starting and building my business. I have used all these items for the past 5 years selling my stationery and artwork online! 

This post does contain affiliate links which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link at no extra cost to you. If you do, thank you so much for the support!


Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

This is my main printer that I use for art prints and stickers. The quality is really great especially for stickers. I love that this printer prints borderless, which is great for my art prints. You can print different weights and finishes of paper using this printer and they all turn out really sharp.

Epson ET-3760
This printer uses Epson eco inks, which are more environmentally friendly because it eliminates cartridges. It also has a scanner and copier. This has become my favorite printer. If I could just choose one, I'd choose this one and recommend to anyone who is just looking for a reliable everyday printer. One set of ink has lasted me over three months already, and I print A LOT of stuff! 

B&W Toner Printer + Replacement toner cartridges
I use this printer to print all my invoices. It only prints in black and white and uses laser ink, so it prints superfast. 

Rollo Printer
This little guy is my favorite thermal printer. It uses thermal technology (NOT INK!) to print shipping labels, so you'll never need ink replacement for this. I highly recommend purchasing this to create any kind of labels. I use it to print all my shipping labels.


8.5x11" Printer Paper (Letter size)
I recommend Amazon's brand of printer paper, especially for everyday printing such as invoices, proofs, and meeting notes. It's cheap and is great quality paper. 

Matte Art Print Paper
I love the Staples brand art paper. This paper takes ink jet ink really well and my artwork always comes out bright and vibrant. 

Greeting card scoring tool/board
I score all my cards using this nifty tool! It's a simple tool and creates the perfect folds. 


Rigid Mailers
6x8 Rigid Mailers, perfect for greeting cards and stickers. They are thick and durable. 

Shipping labels
These are my favorite shipping labels, and they are super affordable. They are compatible with my Rollo printer. 

A2 Protective Sleeves
For A2 size greeting cards. Super durable and easy to use. I use these to package my single greeting cards. 


Monitor Stand
My favorite monitor stand. It keeps my monitor elevated and has a slot on the bottom for folders, paper, etc.

Wireless Keyboard
Lightweight and Bluetooth rechargeable keyboard! Nothing fancy, it just works really well. 

iPad Pro
It's a steep investment, but worth it. I do everything on my iPad. I prep all my final art on my iPad and then finish up production in Illustrator or Photoshop. 

Plastic envelopes
I use this to organize all my invoices and special projects. They are cute and they protect your documents. I love that they are see through! 

Label maker
These are one of those things you didn't know you needed. You can label anything. ANYTHING! I use it on my paper dividers and folders. But I also use it on jars, canisters, etc. in my kitchen. 

Desk Mat
It's super cute and keeps all my things in one place. 

Staedtler Pens
Great pens for my notebooks and notepads. 

Sony A6000 Camera
This camera is mirrorless, so it's super lightweight. The battery life isn't as good as a DSLR, but just make sure you have extra batteries handy. I use this camera to take all my product photos. I love that it also has built in WiFi, so I can connect the camera to my phone and edit my photos on it. It's my favorite camera i've ever owned :)


xx- Mai