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Acts of kindness through paper.

I believe that handwritten letters are so essential, especially today. Sometimes we get so caught up in text messages and social media, we forget about the bit of happiness that can also come from physically opening a letter, feeling the paper, reading someone's handwriting and feeling their emotions. These feelings impact us.

About Mai

Hi, I'm Mai Linh (pronounced my-lin). Like many artists, I worked double jobs for a while. By day, I was coding and designing websites and by night, I was illustrating family portraits and designing stationery. A couple of years ago, I was in between moving into a new home and paying off my student loans. At that time, my husband and I temporarily lived and worked out of my grandparent's small apartment. I will always remember sweating in my grandpa's tiny bedroom trying to get orders sent out. My experience there taught me the meaning of family, love and hard work.


2020 was a rough year for the entire world. I realized that life is too short to not do what you love. So I quit my day job and brought out all my sketchbooks from the past ten years.